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Come and run with us for the children’s rights!

 Come and run with us for the children’s rights!

Be a member of the UNICEF team by taking part in the 33rd SPAR Budapest Marathon. Draw attention to the children’s rights and gather financial support to help resolve the problems they are facing.

The raised funds will help UNICEF to continue its fight against famine, drinking water shortage, infant mortality and distress. The funds will also be used to acquire and provide supplies which will help to significantly improve the health of children living in difficult environment.

In addition to children’s physical needs, we find it equally important to pay attention to the development of their intellectual and phycological wellbeing. Education is indispensable for future generations to make conscious and responsible decisions. In spite of that, there are regions where almost half of the population is illiterate. There are still 123 million young girls and boys in the world who could not even get to know the letters during their childhood and 32 million girls in the world do not attend school.

UNICEF places great emphasis on the intellectual development of children: it uses donations forbuilding child-friendly schools, creating mobile classrooms, supporting teachers’ training or even rebuilding an entire education system. UNICEF pays special attention to girls' education. By supporting the work of local governments, it helps to develop strategies and practices that can reduce the number of girls missing school. UNICEF also pays particular attention to children living in armed conflict or in disaster areas and whose education is interrupted. With its School-in-a-box, it is possible to provide school classes with a "mobile school" which includes paper stationery, teaching posters, rulers, scissors and a ball.

UNICEF also places great emphasis on the psychological development of children: it encourages the formation of social relationships at schools which can help children to overcome the trauma of violent crimes committed against them.

During your charity campaign set up a minimum 50,000 HUF fundraising goal and help the children!

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