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Guide for charity runners

For us, UNICEF runners are heroes and it is important for them to make the world a better place for children.

Use the following pictures with your posts, so that they can get even more attention and your supporters will better understand the worth of their donation and how it will be used.


We would like to share our experiences for the successful fundraising:

  • Make your profile and your posts personal.
  •  Share your posts as many time as you can so that your friends can see them at least 5 times.
  •  Make a list of the people you want to contact and make a strategy how you can reach them. You can find supporters not only on the social media platforms but amongst your personal contacts.
  • Put the link of your profile at the end of each post so that your supporters can easily find you and contact you. They can donate through your profile if they click on “ Donate/Support”. These donations will appear on your profile so you can follow how successful your campaign is.
  • Choose an appropriate tone for your posts. It is also important that you put the possibility of donating at the end of all posts.
  •  Use pictures for your posts to get more attention.
  • You can put the link of the fundraising campaign at the end of other posts as well.Always be grateful for the donations. This is not just polite but it will also encourage others to support you.


The point is that you keep being active during the fundraising campaign!

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