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Crises in the Horn of Africa - Somalia in Famine

Somalia, a country of an estimated 10 million people, has been at the forefront of some of the most challenging tragedies in the last decades.

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Guide for charity runners

Here are couple of tips for a successful fundraising campaign

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Run with us in Vivicitta!

UNICEF Team - Be a Charity Runner

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We focus on eradicating hunger in Africa

This year the UNICEF Running Team will run for eradicating extreme hunger in Africa

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Malnutrition in Angola

Read the story of Marcelino, the Angolan child suffering from severe malnutrition

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Summary of 2016: 31st Telekom Vivicitta

Our charity runners ran for clean water in 2016 on Telekom Vivicitta.

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Vivien Keszthelyi offered her donation for severely malnourished children

The successful race car driver supports UNICEF again.

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All donations collacted

All donations collacted

14. K&H mozdulj! Balaton maraton és félmaraton
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33. Telekom Vivicittá Városvédő Futás
570 295 Ft

36. Lidl Balaton Átúszás
4 000 Ft

Föld Órája - Earth Hour 2018
85 000 Ft

Spartan Race
35 000 Ft

61 000 Ft

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