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"Malnutrition is a silent threat for millions of children" - states the annual report of Humanitarian Action for Children. This international aid agency estimates that 7.5 million people are primarily affected by malnutrition. The most affected countries are in Africa inter alia Angola, Yemen, Nigeria, Somalia and South Sudan, where malnutrition became a very serious problem in the beginning of 2017. 

In Angola, UNICEF provided therapeutic treatment for 37,800severely malnourished children under 5. In addition, UNICEF provided children and their parents with access to clean drinking water, yellow fever and measles vaccinations and education programs.

UNICEF treated 184,000 malnourished children in South Sudan last year. This figure is 50% higher than in 2015, and 135% higher than in 2014. 

In Yemen, after two years of conflict, 462,000 children suffer currently from severe malnutrition, representing a 200% increase compared to 2014. 

In North-East Nigeria, this number could reach 450,000 this year. 

Drought is causing most of the problems in Somalia.  More than half of the population, 6.2 million people, are affected by famine, including 185,000 children. Sadly, this number could increase by 270,000 in the coming months. 

The severe acute malnutrition, which results not only from lack of food, but also from the lack of high quality and nutritious food, can cause irreversible damage to children. It affects the mental and physical performance, hinders the development of their organs and in the most serious cases it might lead to death.

The time is running out, but it is not too late to act! The extreme famine of 2011 in the Horn of Africa cannot occur again!

What does UNICEF do?

UNICEF promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child worldwide. Together with their partners, they work in 190 countries to translate that commitment into practical action with the help of the donations. With UNICEF's contribution, various crisis centers can be set up with specialists and nurses providing high-calorie food packages, therapeutic food products and special therapeutic milk for children in need. During their treatment their recovery is monitored and educational and recreational programs are also provide for their parents. 

If you run with us, you can also contribute to UNICEF's work to save even more malnourished children!

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